Have you ever heard of "Ex Libris"?

Ex Libris is latin, it translates to "out of the books of" or "out of the library of" and is used to declare the ownership of a book. Ex Libris, or bookplates, have existed since approximately the invention of printing in the 15th century. An Ex Libris can be stamped or sticked inside of a book. Usually the phrase "Ex Libris" and a graphic as well as the bookowners name are used. Ex Libris are often masterpieces of miniature art. Ex Libris designs sometimes can tell you about the bookowners interests, job, place of birth, date of birth or are sometimes a name allegory.

There are a wide variety of designs possible. Wildlife, landscapes, calligraphy, religious, architectural, mythological and erotic designs can be used. This is only limited by imagination.

During the last years Ex Libris and Wildlife Artist Daniela Hartl-Heisan designed hundreds of commissioned personal Ex Libris for customers from the whole world. Owlstudio Ex Libris are available from our Online Store where you can select from a wide variety of Ex Libris products which can be produced with your name, or unique, custom made Ex Libris on commission.

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